Classes compete in animal supply drive


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H.A.L.O. Rescue saves over 1500 animals a year.

Sophomores Morgan Conrad and Alexia Potter are partnering together to collect supplies for the Animal Supply Drive through Friday. Animal supplies such as food, blankets and toys will be collected and donated to the H.A.L.O. no-kill animal shelter located in Sebastian and the South Brevard animal shelter.  To make the project more competitive, there will be a competition between classes and the top three fifth-period classes will receive donuts. Students in the classes of social studies teachers Anthony Raheb and Amy Dimond, science teachers Carolyn Horst, Robert Klassen, Amy McCormick and Angela Feldbush along with virtual lab instructor Laura Richardson and chorus teacher Amy Davis, will compete.

Conrad put hours into setting up the Animal Food Drive because she wanted to help animals. She plans to someday become a veterinarian.

“I am hoping this will help me stand out on my college application,” she said. “My favorite part about doing this is seeing the reaction of the workers at the shelters. It truly makes me happy to see the difference I make in just one thing. Most of the items we received last year were dog treats, cat treats and cat litter. I chose this because I wanted to help animals and I saw the opportunity.”

Potter joined Conrad with the project and is expecting a positive outcome.

“I am very passionate about helping others, especially animals,” she said. “I feel good that Morgan and I created this project to help out the shelters including animals and that students are willing to help. Seeing the reaction of all the supplies we received is one of the best outcomes. The whole competition is mostly to encourage students to donate and help out at our local shelters.”

By Isabella Serrano