Chorus to participate in Disney’s Candlelight


Mariah Wild

Neil Patrick Harris serves as one of the guest conductors in 2015.

Thirty-five chorus members will travel to Epcot to perform in Disney’s annual Candlelight Processional on Friday.

Students will be performing alongside choirs from all over the world, a 55-piece orchestra, the Voices of Liberty and guest celebrity narrator Anthony Mackie.

“We’re excited that [Assistant Principal Catherine] Halbuer is coming,” Chorus Director Amy Davis said. “It’s nice to have administration that is supportive of the arts.”

Sophomore Mady Anderson said Disney sets a professional tone.

“This is my second year participating in Candlelight,” Anderson said. “Last year, the narrator was the mom from ‘Mean Girls.’ They treated us like we were employees. Not only did we get to perform through Disney, one of the most famous performance companies, but we were performing in a ticketed event. We were part of what the audience was paying to see … They provide you with a set of rules that if you don’t follow, you could be asked not to perform.”

Several guest conductors will be on hand, each performing on different nights. Because of this, the singers have to be flexible.

“The different conductors do it differently,” Anderson said. “Sometimes they take it faster than you practiced, so you have to be able to adapt. The performers also have to be able to perform in less than ideal circumstances. There are 275 on stage. Everyone is squished together in hot robes, and with the lights, it can be very hot. It’s an hour-long show, so there’s no chance to re-hydrate. In case anything goes wrong, there are people to come take you off of the stage. Still, it’s an incredible experience that’s incomparable to anything else.”

By Hannah Kent