Boys’ soccer pounds Cocoa Beach


Dean Stewart

Senior Matthew Moscrip provided a key assist in the game.

Boys’ varsity soccer come out with another victory as they beat Cocoa Beach 8-0 away Wednesday. The team is now 5-1 in the season.

Junior Abe Murphy sat on the bench with an ankle injury but used the time to analyze his team’s play.

“We played very well during the first half,” Murphy said. “We had most of the possession in the first half and we were putting away all of our chances in front of the goal. But in the second half I think we lost most of our momentum and could not get much going.”

The team scored six goals in the first half, and two in the second. Sophomore Robbie Dujovne scored the final goal late in the second half from an assist by senior Matthew Moscrip.

“We had a good team performance tonight and the play all around was really good,” Dujovne said. “I thought my goal was pretty good, but the play up to the goal was amazing. Matthew gave me an easy ball to finish the game.”

By Chase Hester