Musicians tune up for Solo and Ensemble


Megan Mateosky

Junior Mark Spurlock performs at a fall pep rally.

Band students are preparing for Solo and Ensemble on Feb. 13-14.
“You pick a song as either a solo or ensemble, then practice it, then perform in from of a judge,” ” junior Marc Spurlock said.
Musicians must practice their pieces on their own time and before and after school to prepare for their performance.
“It’s cool to see all of the musicians and talk with them,” Spurlock said. “Then performing what you prepare is fun too.  [I am] a little nervous, but mostly excited to be there and have the honor to compete.”
Participants will perform in front of a judge or group of judges and be rated on their performances.
“The judges give you a ranking — superior being the highest — and they go down from there,” junior Emma Kent said.  “If you play a level five piece or above and you get a superior, you can qualify for the state.”
By Jeannine Widere