Auditorium to be painted this week


Elizabeth Marrin, Staff Writer

A result of an annual facility needs assessment, the repainting of the auditorium has been scheduled to begin Thursday. The project is expected to last approximately one week. Subsequently, the first few rows of the parking lot in front of the auditorium will be coned off in order to prevent vehicles from being damaged by paint overspray.

“The concern is that wind drift may impact the cars,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “Officer Landmesser has already met with district personnel and will cone off the area when the painting project starts.”

School Resource Officer Chuck Landmesser said normal parking will be disrupted for a handful of students and faculty members.

“We’re going to put cones up in the first four spots closest to the auditorium in each row, and we ask that no one park there,” he said. “Anybody who is getting displaced should try to find a spot that doesn’t belong to a senior or a faculty member, and if those spots fill up, they should go park on the track until we are done with the painting.”

Landmesser advises students to make sure the spots they choose to occupy are, in fact, open.

“What we don’t want is someone parking in someone else’s designated spot,” Landmesser said. “Students should try to find an available spot, and if there aren’t any, they should find one on the track.”

While the project will bring complications for students and staff members alike, Halbuer hopes that the renovation will benefit students in the end by improving the aesthetic appeal of the auditorium and increasing school pride.

“I think the students will be proud to see Building 16 when it is complete,” Halbuer said. “It will really help to improve the appearance of the building and bring an extra level of pride to our school.”

By Elizabeth Marrin