Art show honors historic ‘leap for mankind’


Monica Castellanos

Junior Marlee Krause works on her submission to the art show.

It may have been one small step for Neil Armstrong, but it’s now one big art project for senior Emma Conde-Remonsellez, who will have her artwork exhibited at Florida’s 8th Congressional art show to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Man’s Landing on the Moon at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Students from throughout Brevard and Indian River cvounties and a small portion of Orange County, (Bithlo, Christmas, and Wedgefield) will be able to enter a digital poster or fine arts piece that correlates with this year’s theme.

“I think it is fitting that the theme was picked for this area and that it honors how our community was involved in the space program,”  said Conde-Remonsellez, president of the National Art Honor Society. “That students are creating artwork about the anniversary will help draw attention to the date and its significance.”

Scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. on Feb. 23, the exhibition is free and open to the public. Beverages and appetizers will be served prior to the announcement of the competition winners. The winning student will receive an invitation to visit U.S. Rep. Bill Posey in Washington D.C. and will be awarded certificates and ribbons.

“It’s such a prestigious venue to go to Washington,” digital art teacher Jim Finch said. “We’ve won national and even international competitions, but to have this go into Washington is pretty cool.”

According to Finch, most of West Shore’s participants in the competition are Digital Art 2 students, but he encourages all students to take advantage of such opportunities.

“Art shows are an opportunity to help define students,” Finch said. “Everybody’s trying to find out their identity. And to get recognition like ‘Wow, look at this, I’m not just a kid that’s good at math but I’ve also got some talent in art!’, I really feel like it showcases student’s talent and I encourage them to be creative thinkers and to enjoy the process of making art because that’s so gratifying. Even if they never become an artist, there’s a joy to it that; unless you do it or like it, you don’t understand it.”

Conde-Remonsellez said her experience with competitions will assist her in her future art studies.

“I think this project has been a good exercise in graphic design since I haven’t had a digital project in a while,” she said. “I am excited to enter an arts-based program and meet like-minded students and take classes that I have chosen. I hope I win for the prestige and being able to proud of my work as an artist and how much I have grown in skill over the years.”

By Monica Castellanos