Yeehaw. Cheer team adopts western theme

The school’s cheer team is having optional cheer practices for all junior varsity and varsity cheer members, as well as anyone interested in cheerleading as long as they have a physical. The coaches lead the practices and allow the upcoming seniors hep run it. The practices are scheduled to be held every Friday from 3:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the cafeteria, outside the cafeteria or inside the gymnasium.

“What I like best about the practices is that we collectively get better as a team while we’re having fun,” sophomore Bekah Crews said. “I don’t wish to change anything as I feel that the practices are going great the way they are.”

The practices are also based on a theme; the team decides what the group should base its outfits on each week. Last week’s theme was neon colors and today’s is cowboys/cowgirls.

“I like attending optional practices because it allows us to work on new stunt ideas for next year and it’s pretty fun,” junior Lexi Potter said.

The next practice is today at 3:45.

By Alysa Taylor