Weather rolls over bowling game

Severe weather in the Viera area prevented the Viera Bowling Team from arriving at Harbour Lanes on time.

Since a match takes approximately ninety minutes, there was not adequate time for the Wildcat bowling teams to play their 4 p.m.  match against Viera yesterday.

Head coach Jim Peterson decided that, despite the team’s eagerness to play, safety was more important.

“It’s unfortunate because we were excited to bowl today,” Peterson said. “Safety always come first though, and no one can control the weather.”

With the dilemma of the weather the teams had two options, and rather than going home, the team elected to stay and practice. The team, as they have been struggling, thought it would be smart to spend some more time working on their technique.

Senior Justin Cusamano summarized the afternoon best. “We always enjoy the challenge and excitement of the match,” Cusamano said. “It was great to ‘get in’ an ‘extra’ practice to work on fine points, like lane focus, arm position and the ball spin.”

Both coaches have agreed to reschedule the match for Monday, September 16th.