Volleyball team prevails over Edgewood


Dean Stewart

First-year head coach Shane Cassell has his team ready to play.

David Thompson, Sports Editor

The varsity volleyball team defeated Edgewood 3-1 on fill-the-gym night Tuesday. Edgewood got off to a strong start, winning the first set 25-22, but the Lady Wildcats came roaring back to finish the match 25-12, 26-24, 25-17 to keep their regular-season unbeaten streak alive.

The team had a bit of extra incentive to beat the Indians after a Twitter post showed students at an Edgewood pep rally chanting “We hate West Shore.”

Through the first 20 games this volleyball season, sophomore Giao Huynh and junior Luisa De La Hoz have left their teammates and fans in awe. Huynh is ranked No. 1 in kills for all sophomores in the state of Florida and De La Hoz is ranked No. 8 in assists for all juniors.

“I’m able to get so many assists because our defense is so disciplined and they are able to give me a lot of good opportunities to put up a good set to help out my hitters put the ball down,” De La Hoz said.

Huynh has 305 of the teams 646 kills, and De La Hoz has 522 of the teams 583 assists.

“The majority [of the kills] are definitely to Giao because she is the most consistent, accurate and well rounded hitter,” De La Hoz said. “I can always rely on her to put the ball away. Again I’m able to get so many opportunities because of the players in the back row giving me such good passes. The reason I have so many more assists [than my teammates] is because the rotation we run. I’m the only setter on the court, so the passes are coming to me and I’m able to set up a play.”

The Lady Wildcats also won in straight sets against Brevard Heat on  Senior Night last Friday. They have yet to lose a regular season game, but they did fall to Melbourne Central Catholic, Newsome High School and Lakeland High School during a tournament in Orlando the weekend of Sep. 11-12. A big part of that success is due to the chemistry between De La Hoz, Huynh and the team as a whole.

“I love everyone,” Huynh said. “We are all happy for each other when we get points. I think we are all very supportive of each other and want the best for each other. The team chemistry is really good. With me and Kaley, it’s really fun having us on the front row. We’re all trying to have fun on the court while we’re playing, and that really helps. It’s a great relationship between a hitter and a setter. You always want to talk to them and you always want to give them fifty-fifty. Sometimes I have to adjust and sometimes the setter has to adjust, and we do that really well. We’re not afraid to talk to each other.”

The team next travels to arch-rival Satellite tonight at 7.