Varsity boys defeat Edgewood 61-48

Junior Travis McClendon led the Wildcats in scoring with 26 points as the boys’ varsity basketball team defeated Edgewood Junior/Senior High School on the road 61-48 Tuesday night. for its second victory of season.

“Playing at Edgewood is different from playing at any other school,” senior Tony Hedrick said. “Their fans can’t stand us almost as much as we can’t stand them and their crowd chants things no one else would.”

The two schools have developed a fierce rivalry over the years, in both athletic and academic competition. Edgewood is similar to West Shore in that both are “schools of choice”, meaning students had to meet certain requirements before being able to apply.

“It felt great to beat a rival school,” Hedrick said. “They always think they are better than us, so it was satisfying to beat them by double digits.”

Junior Scott Maggio said he hopes the 2-6 Wildcats’ decisive victory over a rival school will change the team’s fortunes. 

“Our team has improved slightly since the start of the season,” junior Scott Maggio said. “We had a tough schedule to begin with, but we learned from our mistakes and will apply everything we have learned into future games.”

The boys’ varsity team will play their next game versus Melbourne on Thursday at 7 p.m.

By Cullen Capaldi