Satellite edges boys in bowling

In a back an forth contest, Satellite’s Scorpions ultimately prevailed 6-1 — with an 855 to 854 pin count — in Thursday’s bowling match which saw five guys on each team bowling full 10-frame games.  The boys were stunned by how close the game was.

“This was one of the most exciting matches of the season,”  junior Schuyler Schrader said. “A point difference in score is very unusual. The match was much closer than the West Shore 1 and Satellite 6 shows.”

“Basically, both teams were trading the lead after almost each ball was rolled, throughout the match,” junior Justin Cusumano added.

On the other hand, the girls’ team, struggling to get into the flow of the game, could not seem to roll consistently.

“It was strange. Those of us who normally throw a straight roll had periodic curves,” sophomore Callia Karas said. “Those who normally throw a curve ball, threw occasional straights. Either way that affected our scores, and not in a good way. But we still enjoyed the match.”

“All I can say is that there must have been a force field that kept my ball from knocking down more pins,” junior Kailey Fairchild said.

The last match of the season will be held at Harbour Lanes on Oct. 15 against Viera.