New players and coaches show promise

As the Wildcat’s lacrosse season begins, emerging talent on the boys’ team has contributed to the team’s expectation of success for this season.
“The guys I’m most excited to see on the field this year are freshman Kyle Fitzgerald and sophomore John Hogan,” senior captain Jack Moore said. “They are brand new to the varsity team; Kyle was on junior varsity last season, and this is John’s first season playing lacrosse. Both are very athletic players who have worked extremely hard over the off-season, and I’m thrilled to see what they do on the field this year.”
The new players aren’t the only ones showing promise of a successful season this year; Coach Dan O’Halloran and Coach Shane Castle, who were both recently introduced to the program, show strong knowledge of the game and are already making positive impacts on the team.
“In my several seasons of playing lacrosse, I have not had better coaches than Coach Dan and Coach Castle,” junior Jake Dimond said. “The team’s coaches from previous seasons were mediocre at best, and their mediocre performance as teachers reflected the team’s poor performance on the field. On the other hand, Coach Dan and Coach Castle really know lacrosse well and have already taught me and the rest of the team new skills that I know will lead to good results throughout the season.”