New FHSAA ruling slashes middle school sports



Shawn Humphrey II, Staff Writer

The FHSAA recently passed a ruling which does not allow middle school students to participate in high school sports. The middle school girls’ basketball team has been severely affected, as they find themselves heading into the 2017 season undermanned. The ruling was put in place to prevent students at junior-senior high schools from playing sports significantly longer than students at other schools.

“An athlete at West Shore can play basketball starting Aug. 15, and play all the way through to mid-February potentially,” coach Tony Riopelle said. “Meanwhile, a kid at Central, who only plays middle school, and is the same age, can only play from Aug. 15 to about Oct. 15.”

With students not being able to play two seasons, it appears that basketball has been pushed down the order for middle school girls.

“I think our problem at West Shore is a lot of the girls come in playing competitive soccer, or they’re playing some other sports outside of the school.” coach Derrick Hamilton said. “Basketball is probably the last sport here they’re getting involved in.”

Left with 9 players, the middle school girls’ basketball team will begin their season against Hoover on September 5.