New athletic trainer settles in

Luisa De La Hoz, Staff Writer

As fall sports are ending and winter sports are just beginning, a new member of the Wildcat athletic department has gone for the most part unnoticed. Jon Saul recently began working as the new trainer, and his contributions to the department have been  impactful.

His arrival stems from the transfer of the school’s previous trainer, Sarah Ford, to Melbourne Central Catholic.

“Dr. [David] Dominguez over at 3D Sportsmed, supplies us with our trainers, along with a few other schools in the district,” Athletic Director Tony Riopelle said. “Last year we had Sarah and she was great but she had to go fill the position at Dr. Dominguez’s alma mater, MCC. So we got Jon, and I’m super pleased with how it turned out. Jon is great and so far everyone loves him, he’s really doing a great job.”

Saul said he’s grateful for the opportunity to work at West Shore and that the school is a good fit for him.

“I work at 3D Sportsmed, and Dr. Dominguez supplies trainers to a local high schools,” Saul said. “Originally they were going to put me at bigger school, but then they found out I was looking for more of a part-time job, so they thought that [West Shore] would be the best fit for me.”