JV embraces new basketball coach

For the past five years, the junior varsity basketball team has had five different head coaches. This year the coach is Principal Rick Fleming’s nephew, Corry Burton. So far, Burton said he loves the team he has and can’t wait to make them even better.

Burton grew up in a small town in Hopedale, MA, where there was one high school in the town that was smaller than West Shore; here, sports especially basketball was pushed at a young age.

“I played in a organized league called Travel in elementary school up to eighth grade and played junior high and junior varsity,” Burton said.

Burton won two district championships and made it to the state semifinals when he was in high school. He’s ruthless, as some teammates describe him, with having experienced winning two championships, he feels he can help the junior varsity team improve, and achieve their goals.

“I’ve always looked at myself as a leader,” he said. “Coaching is always something that I’ve wanted to do. I’m also a very competitive person whether if I’m playing or if I’m making any sort of impact, so I feel like coaching is a way to channel a competitive nature but also mature players not only in the game but as adults too.” 

Burton said he’s pleased with the team he has and that they’re buying into the system and putting in the work. And C.J. Coyle (10)  appears pleased with Burton as well.

“I like the new coach,” he said. “I think he is a good fit even though his time is limited, he seems like he is putting his all into the team and I appreciate that.” 

Burton works at Little Dos, a restaurant in Satellite Beach, and his job has a tendency to interfere with the practice schedule but he doesn’t let that effect his dedication towards the team and the players don’t seem to mind.

“He has already drawn up a few new plays for us but he lets us put our own spin on it as players and I like that because it makes it easier for me to score,” Coyle said.

The season opens Nov. 25 against Rockledge.

By Bennett Kent