JV boys’ soccer players already looking to next season


Drew Newlin

With the junior varsity boys’ soccer season ending, freshman Jack Grimison and sophomore Antonio Artidiello have been reflecting on the past and looking toward the future.

“I was really happy with my performance this year, which allowed me to be the leading scorer on JV with 10 goals,” Grimison said. “The highlight of my season was scoring a hat trick (three goals in one game),”

Artidiello said suffering from a back injury didn’t stop him from enjoying the season.

“The highs of my season were defiantly bonding with the team on and off the field,” he said. “I felt like I got closer to my teammates every moment I spent with them.”

The varsity team currently has 13 graduating seniors, meaning the team will need to replace experienced players.

“With the loss of the seniors, I think our varsity program might have a slight rebounding stage for a year or two,” Grimison said. “I know Coach [Austin] Downie will still be able to make the best out of whatever team he has got.”

But Artidiello said he has a more positive look on the future of the program.

“I was given the opportunity to play with the seniors for post season which brought me up to a new level of play,” Artidiello said. “Now I have the opportunity to show those skills to the other kids coming up.”

In preparation for next season, Grimison said he is doing all he can to stay in good shape.

“During the offseason I am doing club soccer as well as track to keep me in shape,” Grimison said. “These will also help me retain my skills for next years season.”

When it comes to Artidiello he said the training has to wait as is dealing with another injury.

“Right now I have an injury so I have to rest, but I still am always dribbling a ball around the house,” Artidiello said. “I’m already excited to get the team back together next season.”

By Drew Newlin