JV boys’ basketball gears up for season opener

The boys’ junior-varsity basketball team expects to have a competitive season, despite a loss of talent to to the varsity squad.

“I feel like we’ll have a hard time competing with the bigger schools,” freshman Cale Butler said, “but we have some good talent on the team, so I feel we can do well.”

With many players moving up from JV to varsity, freshman Raahil Imami worries this season won’t be as successful as last year.

“This season is going to be a little rough, because we lost so many key players to the varsity team.” he said.

That lack of experience poses some concern.

“I believe that last year we did better than we will this year because we have a lot more freshman this year,” freshman James Green said.

A loss of overall height also could impact the season, according to sophomore Robert Benezra.

“Since the team is mostly freshman, most of the team is smaller, which means we are already at a disadvantage with size, and it will be more difficult to out-rebound the other teams,” he said.

Regardless, freshman Henry Pavlick said the team is up to the challenge.

“I feel we are going to do decent. My expectations aren’t that high this season,” he said. “Although we have harder competition, I feel we’ll still try our hardest as a team.”

By Grace Kirschner