Juniors spike seniors in men’s volleyball

The juniors defeated the seniors 3-2 in the fifth set of a men’s volleyball exhibition fund-raiser Friday.

Senior Emily Canavan organized the event as a part of her Senior Project will help from fellow senior Jordan Dale.

“We knew that boys would be interested in playing and it would draw a crowd we wanted to gain some awareness from school board, so maybe they’ll jumpstart a men’s volleyball team,” Dale said. “I think it was successful, we raised over $800 which is way more than we imagined and all proceeds will go to Promise Cafe and Bakery.

According to its website, the Promise team has developed a partnership with the City of West Melbourne and Space Coast Field of Dreams, a nonprofit organization that has built a handicapped accessible sports complex, to build the West Melbourne Community Park. The park will be home to the Promise Cafe & Bakery which will provide vocational training and employment opportunities to more than 40 Promise residents. The ultimate goal is to provide a much needed housing choice for cherished family members with special needs. Promise Cafe & Bakery is scheduled to open this summer.

Senior Kishan Ghayal expressed his enthusiasm for the volleyball event.

“It was fun and competitive since we were representing our classes and show what we could do,” he said. “Even though we lost, we did we gave the juniors a run for their money.”

Junior Cameron Yeutter called beating the seniors special.

“I was hyped for the match, and as soon as I heard about it I wanted to participate,” he said. “Not only did I get to represent my class, but the cherry on top was beating the seniors in a tough game. If possible, I’d love to do something like this again.”

Sophomore Mahmood Syed said he hopes the event will be held again.

“I enjoyed the match,” he said. “It was fun to see friends of mine go against the seniors. Hopefully, there are other events in the future that I could represent my class in.”

By Leighton Johnson