Girls’ tennis falls to Holy Trinity

Juniors Srimayi Tenali and Katherine Avrakotos, along with seniors Kelly Johnston and Erna Roth, won their doubles matches Wednesday against Holy Trinity but it wasn’t enough to lead their team to victory. The Lady Wildcats’ tennis players lost 5-2 in doubles play and every player lost her individual match.

“I didn’t really feel well-prepared for the match,” Avrakotos, said. “We have practice every day except Friday, but I haven’t been able to go because of soccer.”

The players are hopeful, but also realistic regarding their expectations for the season.

“To be honest, I don’t think we’re going to do well this season,” Avrakotos said. “Our team is made up of a lot of people who are either young and inexperienced or whose main sport isn’t tennis. Our team will be decent but won’t go very far.”

The girls continue to prepare for more teams like Holy Trinity in the upcoming season.

“They were a tough opponent,” Tenali said. “But practices have been going well and everything is starting to really come together. We have quite a few kids new to the team, and they’ve really stepped it up and played well.”

By Ann-Marie Lally