Girls’ soccer prepares for first district game

The Lady Wildcats’ varsity soccer team is scheduled to play their first district game against Astronaut High School on Friday.
“We’re really excited for Friday,” junior Claire Rauchfuss said. “It is an extremely important game for the team because our performance against our district opponents determines our position in the playoffs. Since our game Friday against Astronaut is our first district game, we want to play really well to set our district record off on a good start.”
The team is continuing to practice hard every day, as they have been for the past couple of months, to prepare for the important game Friday.
“Since our only game this week is on Friday,” coach Teresa Brantley said, “we are working hard in the beginning of the week to make sure we are prepared for that game both mentally and physically. The first district game is important to get a good result. Since it’s so early in the season, we are still moving a few girls around in different positions to find the right chemistry that clicks on the field. We are also making sure to make adjustments from game to game as different girls emerge and prove themselves on the field.”