Girls’ soccer continues prepping in the offseason


Billy Nemes

Reagan Russo (12) Bree Ehmer (12) Abigail Watson (12) and Catrina Carl (12)

Despite the girls’ varsity soccer season ending, some of the Lady Wildcats have continued to work on their skills. 

“I make sure I keep up my skills by staying committed to my club team,” senior striker Bree Ehmer said. “It’s important that I don’t lose focus on my goals and keep pushing forward.”

The club soccer season consists of an average of three practices a week and two games on the weekends. 

“I love club soccer and I always keep an open mindset that I can always be better at something,” junior London Burke said. “So I like being able to work on my skills more and train individually and with my club teammates on a daily basis.” 

In addition, the older players share advice for younger players wanting to make next season’s varsity team or just improve in general.

“The younger girls need to keep working throughout the off-season,” senior center-midfielder Abigail Watson said. “Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when the next high school season seems so far away but it’ll be here before they know it.”

There are many different ways to keep working in the off-season no matter if the girls are on a club team or not. 

“Whether it’s conditioning, working out, or practicing with their club team it’s critical they stay in good shape,” Ehmer said. “Getting extra touches on the ball at home is a great way to ensure they are ready for the upcoming season.”

Burke pointed to dedication and determination as keys to preparing for the upcoming season.

“The work you put in on your own is so vital,” she said. “You can attend practices and show up to designated events, but the only person who can challenge you the most, is yourself. Training on your own, working out on your own and mastering skills is something that can change you as a player overnight.”

After reaching the regional semifinals, Watson said next year’s team can go even further next season if everyone continues to work hard during the off-season and stays excited for the upcoming season.

“West Shore has the potential to compete against the toughest teams in the county next year if the girls continue to put in the work now,” she said.

By Ava Dalessandro