Girls lacrosse opens with 9-3 victory

Senior Mikayla Almeida lead the team with four goals and senior Kaitlin Inganna scored three  as the Lady Wildcats lacrosse team defeated Cocoa Beach 9-3 Wednesday night.

The team has nine returning players and 12 new girls, including Breanna Gallagher, Izzy Richards, Jessie Irons, Lauren Seifert, Marlee Krause, Megan Dennis, Rebecca Freeman , Shannon Hogan,  Kacey Ahern, Malea Nelson, Taylor Smith, Savannah Green, Noelle Moore, Lydia Roby and Kaley Schafer.

Junior Taylor Canavan said her team can make it far into the postseason despite a lack of experience.

“I’m a little nervous because we have 12 new girls and nine returning players,” Canavan said. “But I have faith we can make it to districts again.”

Despite the victory, Inganna said the team still needs work.

“You have to account for it being the first game, and with all the new kids it wasn’t going to be pretty,” Inganna said. “As a whole, I was happy that the team was so aggressive, but we need to clean up the fouls and our stick skills. If we can focus in on the fundamentals of catching, grounding and throwing, we will be golden.”

The next game will be against Melbourne Central Catholic at West Shore on Friday.

By Ayden Lew