Crew teams prepare for Stetson meet

Water will splash, everyone will enjoy the day out, and many dedicated rowers will get a chance to show their stuff. The Stetson Fall Rendezvous, a rowing competition in DeLand, is scheduled to be held from Nov. 9-10.

A variety of teams will be there, from juniors and novices to hardened rowing veterans and varsity teams.

“I wouldn’t bet on us losing,” said Michael Pickering, a member of the Space Coast Crew novice team. “We probably have a pretty decent chance of placing.”

The event, which is being hosted on Lake Beresford and the St. Johns River near Stetson University, will have more 67 events and will draw 187 entries. It will include a 750m sprint, which is meant to test speed, and a 5k head race, which is meant to test endurance.

“Some of my concerns are that our form is still a little bit sloppy,” said Braden Schopke, another member of Space Coast Crew. “Like, we haven’t perfected our technique when it comes to rowing.”

Pickering remains optimistic about the outcome of the race, however.

“I think it should be fun,” he said. “I’m not worried about it.”

The winners of the race will receive medals, though that’s not the main point of racing, according to Pickering.

“[Rowing] is pretty awesome, actually,” he said. “I really like it. You’re just there and you’re gliding across the water, but what’s awesome is you see motor boats gliding across the river going as fast as you, but you know it’s just manpower making you go.”

By Benjamin Velie