Crew team looks forward to 2021 season

Space Coast Crew’s last week of 2020 began last Monday. Bryan Little, head coach and director of rowing at SCC, said he is especially proud of the club’s rowers.

“When I reflect back on how 2020 went as a whole, I would say this team has overcome adversity as well as I could have imagined,” Little said. “I think we did a fantastic job this year of staying true to what our culture is and where the team should be heading and what we should be doing.”

Junior Zac Vaidic said he believes 2020 went well for SCC.

“This fall season was much better than last year,” Vaidic said. “The team was more positive and we’re faster. [We got] new people, a better attitude.”

Vaidic also said the coaching staff has improved its overall style.

“[The coaches] have been trying new things this year,” he said. “Last year, every day would basically be the same thing. We wouldn’t focus on different things on different days, so we would only get good at one part of rowing. This year we’ve been focusing on a lot more aspects and doing a lot more stuff to help our technique, so even though we’ve been focusing a lot on power so far. Our technique has also gotten better.”

Vaidic said he believes technique will be the most important aspect to focus on after the break from rowing.

“I think we’ll need to focus on technique more than anything,” Vaidic said. “We’ve been focusing on getting stronger, and I think if we focus on technique a lot in the beginning, we could get really fast.”

Coach Little said he believes SCC rowers should be focusing on fitness during the beginning of the spring season.

“I think we’re going to have to get back into fitness, we’re going to have to get back into training and get everything back into place,” Little said. “Going forward, I think if we can really nail January and nail February we’re going to be really setting ourselves up for success in April and May.”

Little said he believes the break is much-needed for many rowers.

“I think the break is coming at the right time for guys and girls to reset, refocus, recharge their batteries and get after it in the Spring,” Little said.

Little said he hopes SCC rowers will continue to stay in shape during the break.

“If guys do take some time off that’s great,” Little said. “But if they stay somewhat active that would be really appreciated, so we don’t take any huge steps back.”

Vaidic said he plans to continue rowing over the break.

“They’re opening up the boathouse so we can come row in the morning, so I’m going do that as much as I can [over the break],” Vaidic said, “and then I’m going to do some, like, steady state on the erg.”

Little said he hopes SCC rowers will choose to move their team forward in 2021.

“I think the trajectory of this team is headed in the right direction. It’s just a question of, ‘where do the guys and girls want to take it?’ In the end It’s really going to be up to them,” Little said. “You know, we can lead them to the trough, we can lead them to the field, but they have to take it, and they have to want it.”

By Max Aronson