Crew team feeling under the weather

Maddie Dimond, Staff Writer

Due to the recent rainy weather, crew practices frequently have been cancelled.

“We have been going to practice again for three weeks, and we have not had a full week of practice yet,” junior Ana Guerra said, “It is also inconsistent. One day it is raining, and we still have practice, but the next day the sky will just look bad and practice will be cancelled.”

Coach Sam Moriarty explained the inconsistent practices.

“Boys and girls both practice on Mondays and Thursdays. If it is raining, we have to practice in the boathouse to avoid lightning or windy conditions,” Moriarty said.”There just isn’t enough space  in the boathouse for both boys and girls to practice in there. We usually have whichever team was going on the water that day stay home.”

Still, cancelled practices have annoyed Melbourne Central Catholic student Megan Hoffman.

“I drive four other girls to crew and I have to pick three of them up at West Shore,” she said. “If we don’t get a text message until we are half way over the causeway, then I’ve wasted gas picking these girls up when they could have taken the bus.I had to waste an hour taking each girl home or meeting their moms when I could have just gone home because coach told the girls to go home right as school ended.”