Cheerleaders take precautions due to coronavirus

James Green, Kishan Ramchandani


James Green

Coach Kaitlyn Hoskins performs a temperature check on the cheer squad before practice.

 The cheer squad implemented new procedures to provide protection from the coronavirus. 

“Before warming up and starting, Coach [Hannah] Smith or Coach [Kaitlyn] Hoskins would come around and take our temperature,” Audrey Dohmen (10) said. “Then they ask if we feel sick, do we have a cough, or any other symptoms of Covid.”

The cheerleaders are also required to wear masks when they are not stunting.

“So when we do cheer we have to wear masks in the beginning until we have to stunt,” Dohmen said. “We do get out of breath faster because it’s like harder to breathe when we are running with masks on.”

Riley Ransom (10) said she opposes wearing masks.

“It’s kind of  annoying doing it with a mask,” Ransom said. “It makes it  harder to breathe.”

Emma Lombroia (9) said she’s not completely comfortable with the new measures.

“I think it’s also like a risk cause we’re so close together,” she said. “It would be really easy to like get Covid from it.”

Dohmen said she thinks not wearing masks while stunting could be risky. 

“I feel like it could honestly be an issue with getting Covid because we are all like touching each other,” Dohmen said. “We just have to be more careful when we are not doing cheer.”

Ransom worries the coronavirus could negatively impact the cheer season.

“I hope that we can go travel to competitions and do games with a big audience in the stands,” Ransom said. “I want our season to be as close to normal as possible.”

By Hunter Delaney