Boys’ varsity lacrosse rips Eau Gallie

Hiba Mirza

Senior Nick Moore scored four goals,  sophmore Jon Saladino and senior Austin Altevogt scored three each, leading the boys’ across team to a 17-0 to victory against Eau Gallie its first game of the season. Sophmore Wes Dennis, senior Travis Hoibraten and senior Jermemiah Fontain knocked in two goals apiece and senior Malik Richardson tallied one as well.

“We got this blowout because of our team work,” freshman Jonathan Whitson said. “We were passing much more and looking for that extra pass for the better shot.”

Eighth-grader Kyle Johnson played keeper for senior William Lemstron during the second half the game because the Wildcats were so far ahead.

“Everyone was pretty pumped because we knew we we’re going to do great and totally ruin their lives,” Lemstron said. “I was a little calmer than most because I have to be because I was keeping. I was pretty confident overall.”

The team recently added six new players, including sophmore Bryce Rothery, eighth-grader Andrew Kearney, Jacob Joedin, Wesley Dennis, sophmore Tate Lemstron and sophomore Adam Zoiss.

“Weve been offensively minded, really focusing on getting the ball to the crease and making easy goals,” Whitson said.

By Hiba Mirza