Boys’ soccer wins Cape Coast Conference championship


Seniors Collion Robidoux, Chase Hester, Conor Horn and Cameron Yuetter along with junior Matthew Rabel celebrate after a goal.

The varsity boys’ soccer team defeated Edgewood 3-2 in the Cape Coast Conference final Thursday night, making them the first team of any sport at West Shore to win the Cape Coast Conference championship.

Junior goalkeeper Cooper Stein admits he lost focus towards the end of the game while the boys’ had a 3-1 lead.

“Since it was so late in the game I was kind of already in the state of mind that we had won,” Stein said. “When the ball went under my foot I realized I needed to get my head together before I cost us another goal. Thankfully we were still in the lead.”

All three goals from West Shore were scored in the first half, coming from seniors Cameron Yeutter and Ian Leighton, as well as junior Matthew Rabel.

“It seemed like we had a chance of scoring a lot more the second half,” Rabel said. “When we went out the second half we had already thought we won kind of so it got to our heads.”

The two goals scored against West Shore came in the later part of the second half. One coming off of a rebound that Stein had initially saved, and the second was a ball sent back to Stein that ended up going under his foot.

“We made a few mistakes causing the game to be 3-2,” junior Jake Klenotich said. “Those few mistakes we made, we’re taking them and working on them at practice more so that way we’ll have either more support, if needed, or whatever the case may be.”

Klenotich expressed pride about the win.

“I’m proud of the team for being able to be the first team and sport at West Shore to bring home the Cape Coast Conference win,” Klenotich said.

The Wildcats’ next game will take place at home against Sebastian River on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

By Tyanna Tizol