Boys’ soccer reaches Final Four

The boys’ soccer defeated Crescent City 3-0 Wednesday night in the Class 2A Regional final to advance to the Final Four for the third time in four years. 

“This game definitely wasn’t as difficult as some of our others during Districts,” sophomore goalkeeper Cooper Stein said. “We played much tougher teams in Districts and the first two games of Regionals, but I mean I’m not going to complain. It means we get another chance to advance to States. We’re all definitely hoping for another state win. Two years in a row would be pretty impressive in my opinion.”

Junior Cameron Yeutter agreed with Stein.

“We were kind of expecting more of a competition, being it was the regional finals,” Yeutter said. “But I mean a win is a win, and if we have an easier team it allows for some players to rest and not have to play so hard. Of course the game still had physicality, especially in the second half when the team came out much more aggressive, but they really only had a few shots on us.”

With the possibility of the state-semi game being located in Pensacola, the boys’ soccer had back-up travel plans for Friday.

“We were going to have to take about a seven- to nine-hour drive to Pensacola depending on which team won in the other bracket,” sophomore Jacob Klenotich said. “I think we’re all pretty relieved that the Jacksonville team won. Otherwise we would have had to drive up Friday and stay the night in Pensacola and possibly practiced in the morning and play the game in the evening.”

The state semifinals are being held at Jacksonville Bolles at 7 p.m. Saturday.

By Courtney Carter