Boys record first loss of the season against Space Coast

The middle school boys’ basketball team recorded their first loss of the season on Tuesday, losing to Space Coast 56-41.

The boys played their first away game of their season, and after starting off slow, the Space Coast offense was too much for boys to mount a come back.  The team was led by eighth grader Lorenzo M. with 9 points.

Coach Derrick Hamilton credits the team’s lack of preparation for their loss.

“It all came down to not being prepared.  I mean one kid forgot his jersey, one kid forgot what jersey color we were wearing, so they were just unprepared,” said Hamilton.

Coach Hamilton, a proponent of always seeing the positive in a negative situation, says that the team can take a lot away from their loss against Space Coast.

“I think the lesson from yesterday was learning to be humble.  Sometimes it’s good to have a slice of humble pie.  I think of losing like a piece of ice, ice is used to bring down swelling, and hopefully this loss will bring down our guys’ swollen heads.  They need to learn how even though they might have beat a team last year, that doesn’t mean that they can just walk into their gym and beat them again,” said Hamilton.

Aside from the game, there was also some off court drama that led to the ejection of coach Hamilton.

“I got tossed yesterday because I fight for my team, and when I see one of my boys get slapped across the wrist or pushed over and I see that it didn’t get called, I will always fight for my guys.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t have had to come to that if we had done better and won but no matter we win or lose, if I see something happening that the ref isn’t seeing or calling, I will defend my guys,” he said.

The next boys game will be Tuesday, September 24 as the Wildcats host Edgewood.