Boys’ lacrosse practices begin

The conditioning for boys’ lacrosse has come to an end and practices have begun, triggering what is considered to be “a much improved season from last year.”

 “Conditioning for the team was a success in my opinion,” junior Jack Nevins said. “The team made a lot of improvements physically, as a direct result of long-distance running, sprints, pushups, crunches, and other effective workouts. Lacrosse is an extremely physical sport, and, if the team is to see success this season, we must be in good physical condition.”

 The Wildcats are expecting a much better season this year, in comparison to previous seasons, due to new coaches and more experience.

 “I personally feel pretty well about the upcoming season,” senior Jack Moore said. “The team has new coaches, including Coach Castle, and they really know the sport well; they have given me and the rest of the team a lot of valuable tips and skills that I know will prove effective once the regular season begins. In addition, the lacrosse program has gained a lot more players. We have about 35 players on the varsity and junior varsity teams combined, which is an increase from last season. The program has also been around for several years now, and the experience we’ve gained during those years has ultimately made the team better. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a much improved season from last year.”

 Boys’ lacrosse is scheduled to play Sebastian River High School away on Feb. 17 for their first regular season matchup.