The case for Trump over Hillary


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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off in November.

Billy Macom, Staff Writer

Apparently only a little over a half of Bernie supporters say they’re going to vote for Hillary, and this confuses some Hillary supporters because there doesn’t seem to be any reason why someone on the far left would vote for a candidate on the far right. As a Bernie supporter who dislikes both candidates but sees Trump as the lesser evil, I obviously have my reasons for liking Trump more.

I don’t think Hillary is worth electing, not because of what she says she’ll do, but because of what she won’t. She called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the “golden standard,” but recently she denied she did. This is just one of the problems I have with Hillary. All I see in her is a person who doesn’t want any kind of progressive change, who flip-flops on issues and who will take money from anyone. There’s no point in electing a Democrat who favors large donors and ignores small donors. I’d imagine her presidency would be average and predictable. Nothing will happen, but once in a while, Hillary will do something insignificant and be praised for it. Her presidency would be redundant for the most part, and those who vote for her are essentially voting for a regressive candidate.

Electing Trump is one of the only ways a real progressive candidate can win an election in the future. He won’t have the power to ruin the country because we have that pesky system of checks and balances. If Trump is elected and makes a fool of himself (more than he already has), it could drive Americans to vote for more liberal candidates in the next election. If Trump is elected and stays true to his character, there will probably be a point when he says something that nobody can agree with. Whatever wrong thing he says, it would have to be incredibly nonsensical or offensive. After searching the internet, I’ve found plenty of people defending Trump on his claim that Hillary had been fighting Isis her “entire adult life.” Hillary is currently 68 years old. The formation of Isis can be traced back to 1999. Usually people are considered adults after they turn 18,  but I guess Hillary was the exception. If Trump’s claim was true, Hillary would have gained adult status sometime when she was around 51 years old.

What I’m trying to say is that Bernie supporters aren’t voting for Trump because he’s a good candidate. It’s all about the effect that Trump will have on the electorate. His election will prove to Hillary supporters that the political left is bored of it’s dull, manufactured and corrupt politicians.

By Billy Macom