‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Review

Jessica Travis, Staff Writer

Many viewers of “Rick and Morty” have recently been celebrating the new season that had its first episode released on April 1, and the most recent episode called “The Rickchunian Mortydate” released on Oct. 1. In this season, the characters are developed even more. Not only does the new season properly display Rick’s destructive and outright dangerous personality (which is responsible for most of the plots and comedy contained in the show), but it has also given the second main character, Morty, his own focus and spotlight for character development. Morty was always the weaker of the duo and Rick would constantly remind him of this fact, but the recent season explores his individual feelings and fears. For example, in one episode his ‘toxic traits’ are given their own sentient form and we see that he dislikes many aspects of his cowardly personality. Many episodes ignored the cliffhanger from Season two where a mysterious alternate version of Morty successfully gained power by partnering with a robotic alternate Rick, of whom he directly controlled. Until the seventh episode “The Ricklantis Mixup” or as it’s also referred to as s“Tales from the Citadel,” finally allows the Mysterious Morty to re-appear. Although his overall intentions are not revealed, having the Mysterious Morty featured in the episode was definitely satisfying. In my opinion the third episode of Season three, “Pickle Rick,” was the best episode out of the entire season. During Rick’s pesonal adventure, he is given plenty of screen time to participate in bloody action and develop a thriller-like plot. In all, the episode is equally ridiculous and hilarious because he is in the form of a pickle the entire time and is constantly announcing obnoxiously that he is Pickle Rick.