Lunch line woes frustrate student

Being like any typical high school student, I like food, but being in a lunch period with half of the school, I have to wait for over half of the lunch period to even get any food. That leaves little time to eat lunch. Not only that, but the cafeteria is always running out of food. Too often I see a group of people leave the line after waiting for 10 minutes, just because the cafeteria didn’t prepare enough of the food they wanted.

This leaves the students aggravated and dreading going to the other lines just to wait another 10 minutes for food they don’t even know will still be left. One time last year, I was waiting in line for baked ziti, and had been for 15 minutes, when I got skipped by a student. None of the administrators did anything, and I tried to get the student to go back, but he stayed and eventually took the last tray of ziti. Not only did this emotionally scar me for life, but it possibly physically scarred me because I had to downgrade to the lesser quality, unknown-meat lunch. Whether it is the cafeteria workers’ faults, or another district policy restricting more food production, something needs to be changed.

— Shaun Wilson, sophomore