Volleyball team deserves support

Being on the volleyball team, I have noticed the lack of fans we have in our stands. This is something we really need to change. As of now, the number of fans we have is pathetic and disappointing to our team. There are only about 20 people, on a good night, which mainly consist of our parents, and the occasional coach’s son. I know we could easily fill those stands and help the volleyball team win.

Just think of how much better we would do if we had a crowd full of people cheering for us. The screaming and excitement raises our energy, which improves our playing. It also makes for a really fun time.

Another great reason we need fans, is that all the noise throws off the other team that we are playing. They just don’t play as well when they aren’t at their own school, and they have people screaming. The same thing happens to us when we are away.

I assure you that watching one of our volleyball games will never be boring. This year our team has improved a lot with the help of our coach, Bonnie Priester. We have really learned so much and have gotten ten times better. So all I’m asking is that you just take a couple hours out of your night to go have a little fun in watching and supporting your Lady Wildcats.

Alyssa Johnson, junior