Senior: What have they done with my Gatorade?

I would just like to say from the beginning that I am a man of few wants and needs. To be frank, I don’t require much subsistence throughout the day. I work hard in my classes and try to pay attention until my lunch period where I should theoretically be able to relax and eat. There has been one simple constant that has existed since my first days here: Gatorade. Yes, Gatorade, the simple sports drink designed to replenish electrolytes in dehydrated athletes. I need Gatorade to get me through the day, but then again there are worse vices to have. When returning after summer vacation, I thought this year would be a success — until I went to lunch and to my surprise there was no Gatorade. Keeping my composure, I quietly asked the lunch lady what was going on and when Gatorade would return. She politely answered, “I don’t know.” Shocked and depressed, I returned to my lunch seat in dismay. This process would repeat itself day after day and is still occurring. I ask you, what has the administration done with my Gatorade? — Dex Wilborn, 12