School uniforms not the solution

At a recent school meeting regarding changes to the dress code the idea of uniforms was brought up. Personally I am totally against establishing uniforms. I think uniforms take away students freedom of expression and individuality. I cringe at the thought of having to wear the same outfit as 800 other students. Teachers and some students on the dress code committee think that uniforms will make all the dress code problems disappear, but I think girls will still try to get away with their short shorts.

Short shorts are a major problem discussed at the meetings. Girls have been getting away with one or two inch inseams when the length is supposed to be mid thigh. It is nearly impossible to find mid-thigh shorts in stores. On the rare occasion that I have found them, they’ve never been under $50. I can normally get two or three pairs of shorts for that price. I don’t think an inseam under two inches is appropriate for school but I do think that there is a modest inseam length that can be agreed on that isn’t mid-thigh.

Another issue that has been brought up is leggings instead of pants. I think leggings are fine as long as they are thick enough to cover everything. They’re just as tight as any pair of skinny jeans but much more comfortable, and I like to be as comfortable as possible when I’m at school for seven hours. They’re also much more affordable. I can only find jeans that fit me for around $40, but I can find leggings for around $10.

I think that a part of the reason there have been many dress code issues recently is because the dress code isn’t enforced very often. The less it is enforced the more people think they can get away with violating it. Once faculty starts making students change, most people will probably stop the violations so they won’t risk getting in trouble.

By Grace Alcock