Let’s work together to change class tone

It’s no secret to some on campus that the soon-to-be junior class isn’t exactly considered a family. We are known by the rest of the school as the most cliquish grade on campus. Even the yearbook staff knows it, and put it in this year’s book.

I’m here to try to change. We’ve got two years left in high school, so let’s make them count. I’ll admit, talking to someone from a different social group is intimidating, but what have you got to lose? Not everyone is closed to broadening his or her friendship horizons.

I want us to be known as the grade that did a complete 180 its junior year and made a positive, drama-free experience out of the rest of its time on campus.

I’m not saying that everyone has to be best friends, but lets be civil and rational, please. Let’s put the past behind us and grow up, shall we?

By Riegel Spogen, sophomore