Arizona shooting tragic, but let’s not overreact

Stacey Corbett, junior

In the recent events of the Arizona shooting I find myself shocked at the reactions, or lack thereof, of my fellow students. The Monday after the event I was surprised that an alarming number of students seemed to have little to no idea that the shooting even occurred, and in the subsequent days I was surprised about how much misinformation on the event was going around. Perhaps they don’t quite understand that the shooting will have an effect on them too. The media have been speculating to the cause of the shooting, and although many of the theories have already been proven false, they are putting in and will continue to implement preventative measures. Some of the suggestions I’ve already seen circulating in the media are limiting freedom of speech (mostly mentioned as either the disolvement of censorship of certain social networks like Myspace and other sites that ‘instigate violence’ by allowing ‘hate speech’). And although it’s just speculation and still appears to most people to an untimely course of action, I believe it’s important for students to stay informed and verify their facts, so they can protect their rights.