‘Hill House’ spooks viewers into enjoyment

Halloween season may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good scare with “The Haunting of Hill House,” a TV show adaptation of a book by Shirley Jackson. Critics and viewers alike are in love with this new Netflix show that first aired on Oct. 12.

The story follows the Crane family whose lives are forever altered from their time living in the haunted Hill House. Mike Flanagan, director of “Oculus” and “Gerald’s Game,” tells a tale of grief and how to handle it, filled with many mysteries and questions that slowly unfold over the course of the season.

Haunted houses may come off as a bit cliche; however, this show is more than your average ghost story, showcasing the personalities and experiences of each character, making the story an impactful experience.

The whole cast gives performances that convince the audience the characters are genuine and make the show more interesting. The child actors especially deliver impressive performances.

With many teens watching Netflix on a daily basis, many decided to tune in to this scary-looking show and ended up enjoying it thoroughly.

“I usually don’t watch scary shows but I thought the story was very interesting and I got very invested in the show,” junior Lena Hatter said. “It was fun to watch for Halloween.”

If you want to watch a truly creepy and enjoyable story that isn’t overdone with jump scares and cliches, this new show is just for you.

By Riley Wilkins