Flies in classes distracting

Flies in classrooms have always been a nuisance.  The number of flies in each classroom has drastically increased throughout this school year. I currently take five classes here at West Shore, and there is not one of my classrooms that is free of flies. Two of the five classes I take are in portables, which are by far the most fly-infested.

The fly problem is not just an issue with me. I hear dozens of other students complaining about flies, and I see them bouncing around in response to the annoying flies. These flies are disrupting the students’ abilities to learn, stay concentrated, and get the most out of the class time provided. The flies are constantly buzzing in students’ ears, flying around their faces, and landing on their desks.

A solution I see to the fly problem is equipping every classroom with a Raid fly trap and a Raid fly spray. The fly traps will attract some of the flies and permanently get rid of them. And for other flies still annoyingly flying around, the spray would be quick and deadly. Please realize that the classrooms’ fly problems are serious and annoying and should not be taken lightly.  So, please consider my solutions to this fly problem.

Kyle Rhodes, junior