Classes take backseat to soccer games

As much as I deeply support the boys’ soccer team accomplishments and congratulate them endlessly, I’m not in favor of the scheduling shuffle that’s happened as a result of their championship winning streak.

I understand how seldom our sports teams qualify for state championships, but as an academically thriving school, I don’t think sports should take priority over classes.

Yes, students who took the “pep-bus” route to attend this Friday’s state semifinals in Jacksonville only missed the last two class periods of the day, but if teachers plan for a majority of students to be gone for two of their classes, their entire day’s objectives must be revamped, not to mention the decrease in focus capacity for students and teachers throughout the day. Maybe the idea of a fan bus during school is unheard of for a reason.

Because the boys’ soccer team shut out the Bolles School last Friday, we will again turn into a we-got-spirit-and-a-pep-bus-how-about-you school.

Now, let me clarify my position in order to avoid of becoming the first West Shore student to be thrown in a trash can (Yes- this sounds impossible, but as we’ve seen with the boys’ soccer team, impossible is just a word).  I am incredibly proud of our team for accomplishing the “impossible,” and they deserve all the praise and support they’ve been given. But I don’t agree with the backseat academics has taken. As a student at a school that prohibits extra credit unless it has a direct relation with education, I question the importance of these games, and I hope it is known that this school-wide field trip sets a tone for students regarding acceptable reasons to miss school.

Again, the effort the faculty has made to give students the privilege to support their fellow Wildcats does not go unnoticed and I offer my infinite congrats to the boys soccer team. You all have made a permanent mark on our school.

By Millie Rosasco