Canopy fans too small to be efficient

I have known and heard of the numerous complaints thrown towards the new canopy.  Many speak of the useless fans that hang so high up, which do nothing in return for consuming electricity. The shade does enhance the cool air around the outside tables, but if the use of fans wants to come into play, then something needs to be done.

From the height of the fans, to the dimensions of their blades, and the hot air that rises and is then blown back down, makes the fans insufficient. Since Florida is usually hot all year round and the rising hot air will always be a factor, the two other parts will have to be changed anything is to happen at all. Making the fans larger and lower will cost a good deal of money, but since the canopy was built to last for at least 10 years, the change will end up saving money since the present fans accomplish nothing but wasting electricity.

To make this school better is to please the student body. At the same time, by applying some knowledge, energy saving can be part of the solution. For the canopy, increasing the dimensions and size of the fans, will allow more air to blow through the seating area. By also lowering the fans, even more will the airflow increase. As stated above, changing those two factors will make the student body more relaxed while outside, and save energy at the same time.  So please do the students a favor, do not just sit there, get up and make a positive change for the school.

Kyle Landis, sophomore