Blue and Silver: Time for change

The Blue and Silver soccer game is designed to be a fundraiser that also boosts school spirit. It instead has turned into the boys showing off their skills and embarrassing the girls.

“I think it’s good to scrimmage them. It helps us build stronger as a team and apply effective techniques we learn in the scrimmage on the field,” junior Kayley Lew said.

The style of soccer the girls and boys play are very different. The level of physicality and speed of the boys just cant be matched by the girls. Scrimmaging against them will help the team improve, but it will never be “even” or “fair.”

“I do think that it shouldn’t be a game for a crowd to watch though,” Lew said. “The boys normally win, and it’s not fair for the girls.”

The boys every year come out and beat the girls. It embarrasses them in front of the student body and can make for an less-than-fun start to the girls’ season.

“Every year we get killed by the boys,” freshman Katherine Avrakotos said. “It would be more fun and interesting if they could mix up the boys’ and girls’ teams for the game. That way we could entertain the crowd by having a more interesting game, and it also gives either side a good chance to win or tie.”

Now with the Blue and Silver game rescheduled for the end of the season, it would be a good time for the girls to encourage the coaches to mix up the teams. That way it could end the season with an actually fun and entertaining game for the whole school to watch, and not to mention, save the girls from another year of embarrassment.

By Mikayla Almeida