Work on 2019 yearbook already underway

As the school year comes to an end, the Arcadia yearbook staff has wound up the 2019 edition — and begun work on next year’s book. Meetings are taking place to organize the new yearbook staff and assign jobs for the upcoming year.

Sophomore Sophia Pliego said she is grateful for the experience she has gained.

“I met a lot of new people and learned so much,” Pliego said. “I’m excited to be an editor next year because I’ll get to manage a group and help out the new staffers. I also was one of the only 10th-graders on yearbook this year, so I’m excited to get to work with friends from my grade next year.”

Each year as the yearbook staff loses some of its most knowledgable staffers to graduation, the problem of teaching and managing the young staffers comes up.

“I’m not worried about the ages of the new staffers because I believe anyone at any age can do just as well as a senior,” next school year’s co-Editor in Chief Anna Wilder said. “We will probably put the new staffers on chronological or sports depending on their preference because it’s a good introduction.”

Pliego has offered a word of caution to those who will be coming on board next year.

“I just hope people don’t think yearbook is as easy as Journalism 1,” Pliego said. “It’s hard work and takes a lot of effort. I hope people don’t abuse that.”

Wilder also stressed that yearbook isn’t just about rigor.

“Molly Luu is the other editor in chief and we have a lot of exciting things planned for next year,” Wilder said. “We know yearbook is hard work so we want to make it as fun as possible.”

By Bailey Hetzel