Wild Workshop

Auston Gonzalez , Staff Writer

Various publications students will attend the annual FSPA workshop on Friday, Oct. 6 at Daytona State College. Numerous students and guest speakers will provide presentations about different journalism skills. Seniors Rachel Montgomery and Alexa Carlos Tamez are going to show a presentation about feature writing.

“I’m excited because I’m good at presenting,” Montgomery said. “And I will look cute.”

Junior Anna Wilder plans to run for FSPA District 3 Representative. She will create a campaign and short speech, which will be given at Friday’s workshop.

“I’m a little nervous,”  Wilder said. “I haven’t been [to the workshop] before and I don’t really like talking.”

West Shore is not new to the FSPA District 3 Representative position, however. Senior Gianni Valenti won the position last year, and said he is hopeful that Wilder will take this year’s.

“I think Anna will win because I know what [the voters] are looking for,” Valenti said. “They’re not only looking for people who are outgoing, but people who are qualified as well. Anna definitely has the credentials. I’m a little worried that she’ll be nervous when she’s talking, but I’m confident that she’ll win.”