Tensions rise as election nears

With the 2016 election coming ever closer, tension between the two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s supporters are beginning to flair, as debate season is starting to come about, and student opinion on the two candidates is also starting to come up, with students beginning to solidify their standings with the two.

“I’d rather not send our country into a downward spiral of depression and xenophobia,” said sophomore Evan Courtney, a Clinton supporter.

Courtney mentioned that there were several people he would have rather seen nominated by the Democratic National Committee.

“Joe Biden, good guy,” he said. “Bernie Sanders, I’m in support.”

Freshman Tommy Unger supports Trump.

“He’s obviously the better of the two,” Unger said. “I like how he’s willing to  speak his mind, as a lot of candidates aren’t really willing to show their full views.”

Unger mentioned that Trump was also his first choice out of the Republicans running in the 2016 election, and that after Trump he would have preferred 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who didn’t run in the 2016 election, as he didn’t like any of Trump’s competitors.

According to a recent poll by CNN,  the 2016 election is one of the most unpopular  in recent history, with only 15 percent of the population optimistic about the possible results.

By William Alexander