Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off

Teacher Appreciation week is under way.  On Monday, the Student Government Association will serve blueberry muffins, fruit and orange juice for breakfast in the faculty work room.

“I think its cool what they’re doing for the teachers here because back at Edgewood it wasn’t like this,” freshman Austin Howard said. “Their breakfast will probably be better than the school breakfast.”

On Tuesday, the Spanish club will give each teacher a gift. On Wednesday, the Key Club will give each teacher a gift as well.
On Thursday, Principal Rick Fleming and Assistant Principals Robert Farrell and Lisa Kratz will be cooking and serving lunch on the patio. The lunch will consist of hot dogs and hamburgers.

“I’m still going to pack my lunch anyway because I doubt they can cook well,” sophomore Kenneth De Los Angeles said.

On Friday, the National Honor Society will be providing another breakfast which will consist of Dunkin Donuts.

“The teachers do a lot for the students,” freshman Khalil Paul said. “I think the really deserve this week dedicated to them.”

By Evan Lanier