Tardy students will serve detentions during Power Hour

In response to a growing number of tardies, the school’s administration has decided in-school detentions will now be served during Power Hour. The detentions will take priority to other Power Hour events such as clubs meetings, test make-ups and tutoring.

Sophomore Conner Miles opposes the change.

“I think that this is a terrible idea because it messes with many teachers’ planned Power Hour office hours,” he said. “So if students need to make up tests or need to come in to a study or review session, they aren’t able to do that. Basically, student’s shouldn’t have to sacrifice their education as punishment.”

Sophomore Matthew McCullough said the new policy probably won’t change much.

“The way this policy is set up, at least as I understand it, is that it only targets tardies,” McCullough said. “So if you have above five tardies, why not stay home? This only really punishes kids who make some sort of effort to get to class on time. Also, with the Florida SunRail going right next to the school next year, a bunch of people will get above five tardies. This won’t fix anything and only serves as an excuse to hand out more detentions.”

Another sophomore, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he thinks action was needed.

“It is a pretty strict rule, but if that’s what it takes to stop tardies, then I’m OK with it,” he said.

The policy has been enacted for the rest of the year and for the foreseeable future.

By Mahmood Syed