Support Senior Class and get a free sub

Trung Van, Staff Writer

Students can receive a free regular sub sandwich at Jersey Mikes on West Hibiscus if they make a $3 minimum donation to the Senior Class. The offer is good through Aug. 27.

“Last year, we (senior class) made over $5,000 from selling Jersey Mike’s coupon cards,” Senior Class Historian Rebecca Castillo said. “This year we project to make at least $3,000 if we could get three-to-four hundred students to participate each day. Sometimes parents get involved too, and if everyone could donate more than $5, that would be awesome.”

The money raised will be spent on various events including Grad Bash, graduation and senior breakfast.

“I’m British and beside tea, a Jersey Mike’s sub is my second-favorite thing,” senior Daniel Breiniger said. “Thanks to the Jersey Mike coupon, I could finally afford to eat their subs almost every day for a week.”

The fund-raiser was made possible by the Senior Class Sponsor Jill Whitacre, and her connection with the store manager. West Shore is one of the two schools in the district that participates in this fund-raiser.

“I’ll never forget the moment I first tried Jersey Mike sub, thanks to the coupon from last year,” senior Killian Thrush said. “I love it so much, the meat just melts in your mouth and the texture of the sub is out of this world.”


Jersey Mike’s coupon cards are being distributed by seniors during Power Hour and students can get a free sub once they made a minimum $3 donation at the designated Jersey Mike’s location.